Mindless snacking is way too easy at a desk job. But smart snacking can be done... and should be!

The secret is - you need to snack correctly.

Instead of snacking as a "reaction" (you're hungry or under stress) or even out of boredom, plan out your snacks. Make them part of your daily routine.

For healthy snacking at the office (or anywhere) do the following:

*Snack around the same time each day:  Easier to form a habit.

*Snack, even if you're not hungry:  Ever heard the saying, "Don't eat too much or you'll spoil your dinner"? Well that's the point! So "spoil" your next meal with a healthy snack so you'll be less hungry (less hungry = less calories consumed).

convenient healthy snacks

*Eat healthy snacks!

*Eat pre-portioned snacks:  You're less likely snack mindlessly if you eat snacks that are pre-portioned. Plus, you feel guilty opening another bag as opposed to reaching into a bottomless bag for another handful.

Extend Nutrition offers 17 smart snacks for the office.

Each pre-portioned, healthy snack can easily be stored in a desk drawer, pocket, purse, or bag... or keep them in your car for the commute to or from work.




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