Welcome to Extend Nutrition - the most versatile line of diabetic snack foods you'll ever find! Delicious as is, Extend products make wonderful additions to just about anything.

Here are 4 simple and tasty ways to enjoy the versatility of just one of our snacks, Extend Crisps:

crunchy toppings_salad_chili

On Top!

Crumble Extend Crisps over salad, chili and more.

They're the perfect low-glycemic alternative to croutons, crackers and other crunchy toppings that are full of simple carbs (aka blood sugar spikers).

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tuna salad_crunchy snack

On Bottom!

Layer just about anything on an Extend Crisp - the possibilities are endless.

Instead of using typical snack crackers (which are usually empty calories and flavored with loads of salt), layer your favorite foods on an Extend Crisp. Just as delicious but way more nutritious.

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Perfect for breakfast!

Cinnamon Extend Crisps are a sweet alternative in your breakfast bowl.

Crumble up the Crisps and enjoy with the milk of your choice.

We dare you to compare the nutritional label of Cinnamon Extend Crisps to other cereals that claim to be "healthy".

Extend offers better protein, better fiber, better all around... but see for yourself HERE!


honey bbqStraight from the bag!

Extend Crisps are the sensible switch for any snack.

Unlike typical chips or crackers, Crisps won't spike your blood sugar and are clinically proven to help control your hunger.

Each tasty bite is low-glycemic, packed with protein and fiber, gluten-free, and all-natural.

You know what to do - eat the whole bag.



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