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Alexis Pollack is the author of 'I Run On Insulin', an inspiring blog about day-to-day life living with type 1 diabetes.

We interviewed Alexis earlier this week to get a better feel for who she is and what her blog is all about. Check out Alexis' blog at



Alexis Pollack Runs On Insulin

Type 1 diabetes blogger Alexis Pollack runs on insulin, literally and figuratively. Diagnosed with diabetes at 10 years old, Alexis has dealt with the difficulties of the disease for the better part of her life. As a pharmaceutical sales representative for a diabetes therapies company, her full-time job is also closely related to diabetes. Throw in her participation in the Tour De Cure and other diabetes advocacy and in Alexis we have a woman who is immersed in the diabetic community all day, every day.

Alexis' blog takes a unique, personable perspective on the complications of living with type 1 diabetes. Her candor and emotional openness shine through on her blog, which she uses as much as a personal outlet as she does as a method for engaging with others. She shares her stories, trials, and tribulations in a way that any reader can relate to in a heartfelt way.

I had the pleasure of speaking with her the other day, click on the 'Play' button on the SoundCloud app below to hear the interview in its entirety!


Highlights from the interview:

  • 1:35 - The importance of a partner in diabetes
  • 5:17 - Who reads "I Run On Insulin"
  • 9:44 - Difficulties of teenage diabetes
  • 16:20 - Cycling for diabetes and her engagement at a ride
  • 24:00 - Parting words