Myth: “I don’t have diabetes, so I don’t need to worry about blood sugar.”

Truth: Anyone wanting to eat healthier should focus on choosing foods that do not spike blood sugar.

Here’s a familiar scenario that happens to many people like you:

Blood Sugar RollercoasterYou ate a turkey sandwich on white bread with a bag of chips for lunch. As the carbs break down, glucose (sugar) enters your blood stream, prompting your pancreas to release insulin. (People with Type 1 Diabetes would inject insulin medication according to carbohydrate intake.)

Insulin then shuttles the glucose from your blood stream into your cells, fueling your brain and body with energy.

After the glucose has been used up, you’re hungry again. Snack time. You grab a candy bar or some red hot riplets from the vending machine.

What happens next is the beginning of the spike-crash-crave rollercoaster. Minutes after you enjoy a seemingly innocent snack, your blood sugar skyrockets.

The rush of glucose throws your pancreas into overtime, sending way more insulin into your blood stream than necessary, and removing so much glucose from your bloodstream…that you crash.

You went from a sugar high to a sugar low in less than an hour.

Now you're jittery, irritable, and craving more sweet treats to bring your blood sugar back up. It’s a vicious cycle guaranteed to pack on unwanted pounds, leading to health risks like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Prevent the Spike Crash Crave

The carbs in Extend Nutrition snacks break down slowly, providing your blood stream – and your body – with stable, useful energy for 6-9 hours. No spike, no crash, no crave.