Myth: Carbohydrates fuel your brain

Fact: Blood glucose (blood sugar) fuels your brain

Many people mistakenly claim that carbohydrates fuel your brain function – but the truth of the matter is that blood glucose fuels your brain.


blood glucose is brain fuelBlood glucose can come from a variety of sources: primarily it comes from the food you eat, carbohydrates, fat, and protein all eventually break down to blood sugar. The body also has a stored form of glucose called glycogen which is used in emergencies.

A sugary snack that quickly raises your blood sugar level can give you a rapid boost, but it's short-lived.

When you eat food with a high simple sugar content your pancreas starts to secrete insulin (or people with type 1 diabetes inject insulin as medication). Insulin triggers cells throughout your body to pull the excess glucose out of your bloodstream and store it for later use.

Quickly, the glucose available to your brain has dropped. Neurons, which are unable to store glucose, experience an energy crisis.

Just a couple hours later, you feel spaced-out, weak, confused, and/or nervous. Your ability to focus and think suffers.

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Extend Nutrition provides the exact opposite, a slow-burning, extended-action snack balanced with complex carb, a small amount of fat, and lean protein.

Only Extend Nutrition helps stabilize blood sugar for 6 to 9 hours.


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