Want a crunchy, healthy snack? Want big chocolate and caramel flavor?

Extend Drizzles taste amazing – unlike cardboard flavored rice cakes. Plus, Extend is healthier!

Extend Drizzles are soy crispy snacks with a delicious, low-glycemic ribbon of goodness on top, with a BIG impact on your taste buds and zero impact on blood sugar.

But seeing is believing. Check out some BIG differences between Quaker® chocolate crunch rice cakes and Chocolate Dream Extend Drizzles:

drizzles_rice cakes_comparison

There it is. In all its chocolately glory. Chocolate Dream Extend Drizzles contain less carbs and sugar, more fiber and protein, and of course Extend's patented formula for extended glucose control.

So why choose an empty snack when you can get so much more with Extend Drizzles? Go ahead... eat the whole bag!

chocolate drizzles_rice cakes

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(Compared to Quaker® Rice Cakes, chocolate crunch flavor. Nutritional info taken from manufacturer's website on 11/7/2013. All copyrights and trademarks belong to the manufacturer.)

*There are 17g total carbs in Extend Drizzles, where 6g comes from fiber, and 5g is the raw, uncooked cornstarch (key ingredient in our unique formula).