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Committing to breaking a habit is always tough at first. Whether it's biting your fingernails or ditching starchy snacks, the human body resists change. If unhealthy foods are a part of your routine and your goal is to get them out, it takes a lot more than a desire to get fit to kick deeply rooted habits.




Kicking Habits is No Easy Feat


All of our sweet teeth got a workout yesterday, of that I'm sure.  It was Halloween, after all, and it would be darn near impossible to cruise throughout the day without the temptation of sugar.  Between the candy corn, fun-size candy bars, festive cupcakes and seasonal pumpkin treats, we've all had at least one dietary lapse in judgement for the sake of sugar.

While a treat every now and then is okay, the tricky part about Halloween treats is the fact that they're a self-perpetuating phenomena; they work their way in to your diet and they're not easy to purge.

An interesting article posted today on Time's Healthland blog cited teens going about weight loss in the wrong way, and I'm sure there lots of people out there who share a few of the same misperceptions regarding committing to a weight loss regime.



Commitment is Key


Committing to breaking a habit is always tough at first.  Whether it's biting your fingernails or ditching starchy snacks, the human body resists change.  Once you get into a rhythm, it's not easy to interrupt your body's inertia towards a given routine.

The Livestrong Blog posted a great checklist of measures to take to begin curbing sugar intake that basically filter down into two categories; equipment and awareness.





In order to effectively kick a habit, you've got to prepare yourself to do it with the necessary tools.  You're not going to kick a sugar habit without introducing alternatives to the foods you're avoiding, so stock up your fridge with greens and fruits to start.  When your most convenient, go-to snack becomes an apple or a salad in lieu of a candy bar, you're already off to a great start.





The tricky part to bad habits is that we're not aware that we're doing them.  It may not occur to us when we indulge on unhealthy foods, so it's up to you to be firm in your commitment to kick sugars.

When you hit the convenience store on your way to work, do your research.  Check out nutrition labels and don't let yourself walk out of the store with sweets.  It might help to go to the aisle with your favorite guilty snack, pick it up, and put it right back on the shelf while walking away with a smirk of self-satisfaction.



Start Now!


Everyone knows that the holiday season is one of constant temptation, so start up with the good habits now so that you have time to solidify them before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With a renewed perspective, your new year's resolution might finally be something else besides 'shed the holiday gut'


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