Did you know peanuts contain more protein than any other nut? (Reference)

nut comparison_peanut protein

Protein is essential for building and repairing muscles, and plays a role in weight maintenance. Peanuts are also high in vitamin B (energy), zinc (injuries and muscle repair) and iron (shuttles oxygen to muscles and tissues).

It is important, especially for Vegetarians, to get a good source of protein.  When meat isn't in your diet, nut are a great option for protein!

For people on the go, it isn't convenient to carry meat around.  Since meat is the most common source of protein, people often ignore the other sources.  Carry around a Peanut Extend Bar for when you're on the go, and you will have readily available protein.

Two flavors of Extend Bar (Peanut Delight and Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight) are made with REAL peanuts – eat one everyday for a nutritionally complete anytime snack…and feel the power!

extend bars contain real peanuts

(Reference) The Peanut Institute, Spring 2013, Volume 17 Issue 2, "Eat Well, Eat Peanuts"

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