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The law of inertia states, "a body in motion stays in motion," meaning that a body in motion will not change unless it is influenced by another force.

Are you that force in your own life? This week's post takes a look at stories from around the web of people who have changed the course of their lives for the better.


Who's In Control?

As corny as the idea sounds, we really do live in a special time in human history. Learning languages, picking up instruments and keeping up with current events is as easy as a google search. In the internet, we have the tools to learn and do ANYTHING.

We all have the ability to control our own lives. Whether or not we exercise that ability is another matter. Today's post is about what it means to change your own destiny featuring stories from around the web.


Life As A Construction Site

As you drive to work every morning and home every night, how often do you get stuck in traffic thanks to road construction? To most of us, the results of that construction will ultimately go unnoticed. Even if a lane reduction or new pavement saves a life, that construction is simply a hindrance to our commute. It's easy to lose sight of the goal of a project when it interferes with the daily routine.

Life is very much the same way. When our personal goals fail, it's often because we fail to overcome the factor of inconvenience. Goals for healthy diets falter because buying and preparing one's own food isn't as convenient as a drive-through. Goals for fitness fail because it's not always easy to find time for a trip to the gym.

Thinking about life as a construction zone, or as a constant work-in-progress, isn't easy, but it just might save your life. Putting your own life under construction for the purpose of self-improvement might give you the mindset you need to confront the challenges of a new diet or fitness plan. Bust out your orange tape and traffic cones; let's take a look at some inspiring examples of real people who have dedicated themselves to a purpose and have changed the course of their lives.


Susan Boyle

With over 91,000,000 views on YouTube, the story of Susan Boyle is hardly a secret. The youngest of ten children, bullied throughout her childhood, and challenged by a learning disability, Susan's life was as challenged as any at an early age. Through it all, she expressed herself through her voice. Performing in local church choirs, karaoke competitions and taking personal lessons, Susan worked hard to hone her skill as a singer and in August of 2008, she appeared on Britain's Got Talent before three celebrity judges and a national TV audience for an opportunity to sing herself into a new life.

Symbolic of the challenges that she'd overcome her entire life, the audience and judges snickered and rolled their eyes as she introduced herself. When it came time for her to perform, the audience quieted, the music started, and Susan's voice, built by years of determination and dedication to her art, made her a worldwide celebrity and instantly changed the course of her entire life.

(video uploaded by UKAdvertChannel on YouTube)


Jason McElwain

Autism is a mental disorder affecting the processes of information processing and communication in the brain. It can often come with a myriad of cognitive and physical side effects that can make life incredibly challenging for people affected by the disorder.

Jason McElwain is not defined by his autism. As a high school senior, he had served as a team managed and ball boy for his high school's basketball team for four years. He had practiced alongside the team and had dutifully performed as team manager for years without ever having an opportunity to step on the floor.

In the last game of the season in his senior year, Jason's coach gave him the opportunity he had been waiting for. Jason was subbed into the game and his teammates and classmates clamored for him to get the ball. He got the ball 7 times that night. He scored 6 three-pointers, sending his high school into a frenzy. His story was picked up by CNN and swept the nation.

When Jason was given an opportunity, the years of selfless dedication to his position as team manager and the hours that he had spent practicing had paid off. Jason was ready for his moment by the virtue of his own toil, and that moment changed his life forever.

(video uploaded by skytz33 on YouTube)



Arthur Boorman

A handicapped, 47-year old veteran of the Gulf War, Arthur Boorman had 'given up'. He had been told by numerous doctors that he would never walk without the assistance of leg braces and other devices and had gained a tremendous amount of weight as he sank into depression and acceptance of his destiny.

At some point in his spiral downward, Arthur had a sudden change of heart. Struggling to maintain balance and support himself on his own legs, Arthur took up yoga to work towards healing himself.

The pounds slowly fell off, Arthur's balance slowly improved and he began to gain strength from his daily yoga sessions in his living room. 10 months later, he had lost 140 pounds and more importantly, had regained the ability to walk, even run, unassisted.

Fueled by unadulterated determination, Arthur defied his doctors, his destiny and his disability on his path to self-improvement.

(video uploaded by Dallapage on YouTube)


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