This is one easy strategy for losing weight - Eat filling foods.  In this case, "filling foods" mean foods rich with fiber and lean protein.

Why do filling foods help you lose weight?  Here's why...

Top reasons to eat protein-rich foods:

*It takes your body more energy to break down dietary protein = burning more calories.

*Protein keeps you full longer = eating less.

*Protein burns fat in order to build and maintain muscle = burning more calories.

Top reasons to eat fiber-rich foods:

*Studies have shown that fiber helps lower bad cholesterol levels, as well as help reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

*Fiber helps to slow the absorption of sugar to improve blood sugar levels.

*Fiber helps you feel full longer (and keeps you regular). TA-DA there it is again... feel full longer!

So what are the benefits of eating protein and fiber together?

Foods that contain both protein and fiber are digested slower (than if you consumed one or the other) naturally satisfying your appetite.

Slowly-digesting foods help to prevent spikes in blood sugar, which then prevents the vicious spike-crash-crave blood sugar cycle.

mixed berry bar

Extend Nutrition snacks are packed with protein and fiber

Each snack contains 6-15g of protein and 3-6g of fiber.  And unlike typical diabetic food products, Extend is not loaded with sugar and fat (but it does contain some good fat!).

So if you're looking for high fiber, high protein snack foods, look no further!

High fiber, high protein snacks are right here.




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