Extend Bar Chocolate Delight Review

“This bar really does a great job, with all the fiber, of keeping you full”

“Absolutely delicious…sort of resembles a crunch bar”

“Delicious...great option for breakfast, for a snack in the afternoon, and it won’t spike your blood sugar”

“Highly recommend it”

Pro Girl reviews Chocolate Delight Extend Bar

Extend Bar Peanut Delight Review

extend bar peanut delight review

"Do they taste good? That's always a question with low carb products that often taste little better than the box they come in. Not the case with Extend Bars. Our review team found them very tasty and had no problem wolfing them down. :) The Peanut Delight was a favorite with the majority, but all three flavors were received well. 

They contain no trans fats, are low in fat and calories, are high in fiber and protein, and of course contain no added sugar. And the Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon flavors are gluten free as well. Low Carb Luxury strongly recommends Extend Bars as a great snack bar for low carb dieters, diabetics, and those with insulin resistance."

Reviewed by Low Carb Luxury