White Cheddar Extend Crisps Review from Drugstore.com

Extend Crisps Review on Drugstore

"I bought these for my Mom who has Diabetes. She likes the taste and eats them as a nightly snack. They satisfy her munchies without raising her blood sugar. Best of all, they keep her blood glucose levels stable throughout the night!

Try the Extenbars for a great meal replacement when you are on the go, too! I eat them myself and have lost weight! (They are a bit dry though. So, make sure you have water with them).

Best snack food for my Mom's diabetes control I have found! Well worth the money!"

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros: Flavorful, Fresh, Healthy

Best Uses: Snack

by Andora from Irvine, CA via Drugstore.com



Honey BBQ Extend Crisps Review from Amazon.com

Extend Crisps Review on Amazon

"These chips are great especially when on a low glycemic high protein diet. Whenever I feel a little hungry I have a bag and I'm good to go for hours."

by Alice H. Eads from Hillsborough, NJ via Amazon.com



Italian Herb Extend Crisps Review from Netrition.com

Extend Crisps Review on Netrition

"OMG!! The one thing I have missed in Low Carb Living is Potato Chips and these babies make me miss them no more!! THEY ARE FANTASTIC!! I have even used the Garlic Flavor to dip in guacamole and they were delish!!! The cinnamon cures a sweet tooth lickity split!! LOVE THEM ALL!! Two thumbs up!! :-) Extend Crisps are now a staple in our house!!"

by Cyndi from New Jersey via Netrition.com



White Cheddar Extend Crisps Review from Walgreens.com

Extend Crisps Review at Walgreens

"I don't have diabetes, but i do love high protein, low carb snacks....and these are ADDICTIVE! The white cheddar powder on them tastes similar to that on Smartfood white cheddar popcorn. These Extend Crisps, which are soy crisps, are super low calorie...like 120 cals/bag I think. They taste like Glenny's soy crisps, which were my favorite but aren't available where i live. Extend Crisps also has a caramel drizzle flavor, but they're called something different, but anyway, they're AWESOME too! So delicious and diet-friendly! The cinnamon ones are good too. They taste like those twists at Taco Bell!"

Pros: Low calorieHigh Proteindiet-friendlyeven delicious to non-diabetics

by "BratzDoll" from Indianapolis, IN via Walgreens.com