3-Flavor Variety Box Extend Shake Review from Amazon.com (Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry)

extend shake review chocolate strawberry vanilla

"I am a SAHM who has some hectic days that lend themselves to pretty poor nutrition. If I am on the ropes I blend up one of these with ice, water and a touch of cream for a very good low carb shake; I am full and happy for 4+ hours. I don't crash and they taste great, I use them a couple times a week when I need them. If want to spruce them up I mix cinnamon and 1/2 apple in with the vanilla, frozen berries with the strawberry, and a shot of espresso with the chocolate adding a spoonful of no sugar choc chips near the end of blending -- it tastes like a Java Chip Frappe! It is nice to have something tasty when your frazzled.

PS: I found these when I had gestational diabetes with my youngest and can attest to them keeping blood sugar levels even-steven."

by Natasha Stryker from California via Amazon.com



Vanilla Extend Shake Review from Drugstore.com

extend shake vanilla review

"I like the shakes as a meal replacement. I often like to add some fruit along with low fat milk. It is delicious, nutritious and filling. Seems to keep blood glucose level and helps prevent peaks and munchies...."

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros: Energizing, Great Taste

Best Uses: Whenever

by "jopalis" from Southern California via Drugstore.com



Chocolate Extend Shake Review from Amazon.com

extend chocolate shake review

"I have Type I diabetes and Extend bars or milkshakes in the evening help me sleep better than any other snack I've ever tried.My HbA1C tests have gone down steadily over 2 years now since having Extend for snacks.That's the best part. Over time my test numbers at the doctor's office got lower. My doctor was surprised because I think they thought my control was hopeless. I don't test as much as they want me to and forget to do my insulin bolus.

I like the shakes the best, and the chocolate flavor is better than in other products, and they're easy to keep on hand. They're good and they work for diabetic Type I people. I wish we'd had them when I was a kid! I would have loved them then too!"

by "Cole Trickle" from Florida via Amazon.com



Chocolate Extend Shake Review from Drugstore.com

chocolate extend shake product review

"I highly recommend this product to a person who has sweet cravings at midday at work. I mix it with soy milk or chocolate nondairy soy milk and its just delicious."

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Pros: Great Taste

Best Uses: Work

by "lara" from Maryland via Drugstore.com