How many times have you eaten an entire bag of some crunchy snack and thought nothing of it?

...or maybe you thought "something" of it, but didn't worry about it?

this not that_ritz bits_extend drizzles


Our own J-Fri (Jasmine F) was busted when I saw her snacking on RITZ® bits, cheese flavored cracker sandwiches.

In her defense, she is Extend Nutrition's newest employee, so she may not be totally aware of the nutritional benefits of our snacks.


Today she opted for some Caramel Bliss Extend Drizzles - a much healthier (and equally, tasty) choice.

So out of curiosity we took a look at the nutritional facts of the 2 snacks, bit by bit, to see how they compare...

comparison_ritz bits_extend drizzles

Did you know in the snack bag of RITZ® bits, cheese flavored cracker sandwiches, there are actually 3 servings? That means, you're expected to eat only 1/3 of the a time!

So, if you're incredibly disciplined and can only eat 1/3 of the package, you're consuming a very unhealthy, nutritionally-empty snack.

But if you're like most people, you're consuming the entire package. At 450 calories, that's pretty much a meal, and a very, extremely, UN-healthy meal at that.

caramel bliss extend drizzles


Stick with Extend Nutrition.

Extend Drizzles are a crunchy, satisfying snack that provide your body with good fiber plus our patented blend of lean protein, some healthy fat, and an extended-action carbohydrate.

And with all our crunchy snacks, the entire package is one serving.

So with Extend Nutrition, yes, you CAN eat the whole bag!




(Compared to RITZ® bits, cheese, naturally flavored, cracker sandwiches, 85g package. Nutritional info taken from manufacturer's packaging on 9/26/2013. All copyrights and trademarks belong to the manufacturer.)

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