We've all been there... you go to the break room for morning coffee or to put your lunch in the fridge, and there it is. Someone brought in donuts. You spot your favorite - what do you do? (And no, it's not okay to lick and put back.)

Did you know the average glazed cake donut can have 22g of fat and 19g sugar, with zero nutritional value?

There's a smarter way to eat something sweet and indulgent in the morning...

donuts_caramel drizzles_nutrition

Eat an Extend Snack

Each satisfying bag of Extend Drizzles has only 6g fat and 2g sugar, plus 6g fiber and 6g protein. AND with its unique, extended-action carbohydrate, the snacks help prevent low blood sugars for up to 6-9 hours. You won't get that from any donut (or even from other diabetic snacks).

That's one Simple, and smart, Swap to make!

Walk away from those donuts, satisfied, knowing that Caramel Extend Drizzles are waiting for you at your desk!


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