healthy nutrition plan for weight lossI’ve been with Extend Nutrition for 3 years. I travel the country talking to people about diabetes nutrition, and how to live healthier and eat smarter. But up until a month ago, I wasn't taking my own advice.

So in February, I began applying Nutrition 101 to my everyday eating habits. And earlier this week, I posted on Facebook about how my body has transformed during this short period, including this before & after picture showing the change in my body composition. I received several requests for some sample meals of my new "diet"...and here we are!

I'm so happy to share this information with you. But it's important to note - I love food. A lot. All kinds. So implementing these changes wasn't the easiest, and some days are more challenging than others, but it definitely makes me appreciate every bite.

So, here’s what I'm doing...

My nutritional goal at each meal is to make my calories count. When able, I’m sure that my plate includes protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates. I say “when able” because, let’s face it, life happens. The difference is now I do my best with the food that’s available, then I pick right back up at the next opportunity...and I have felt amazing.



Protein + Healthy Fat: 2 hard boiled eggs, lightly peppered/salted
Complex Carb: 1 whole apple

Snack: Any Extend product (Caramel Bliss Drizzles are my fave!)


Complex Carb + Protein + Healthy Fat: Mixed greens salad w/assortment of fresh veggies, with chicken (or shrimp, salmon, etc.) and olive oil & red wine vinegar (or balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, etc.)
Complex Carb: 6-7 med strawberries

Snack: Any Extend product (I don't always eat a 2nd snack)


Protein: 2 servings of a protein like grilled chicken or pan-seared tilapia
Complex Carb + Healthy Fat: Grilled asparagus and zucchini blend, topped lightly with sliced almonds and olive oil/pepper


~I keep my food top-heavy, meaning, I eat larger portions during the first half of the day, and work my way to smaller portions by dinner. This gives my body the most calories (energy) when it’s the most active.

~I drink water. And a lot of it. No juice or soda.

~I only drink one caffeinated coffee/tea per day, and I don’t use additional flavorings. But that’s just me; I enjoy the flavor of coffee and tea.

~I go for real butter, not margarine. And in small amounts.

~I use small plates and small forks. It tricks my eyes into thinking I’m eating more since my plate is completely covered and my fork is abundant with food ☺

~Since it takes the brain 15-20 minutes to recognize that the stomach is full, I eat slowly, allowing myself to fill up on less. Taking sips of water between bites helps.

~And most importantly, I move. I’m not a hardcore exerciser, but I incorporate activity whenever I can. Even if I walk back and forth through my house, I’m “still lapping everyone on the couch” my favorite quote goes.