Trying to find taste-good foods that are good for you can be a challenge, but not with Extend Nutrition.

Take the fruit danish - sounds harmless enough, and maybe even healthy...but it's far from it.

Many "baked" goods are highly processed and often contain trans fat, which research has shown leads to raised cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Commercial danishes are also usually loaded with sugar and refined flour; a dangerous combo causing blood sugar spikes, not to mention a serious lack of nutrition.


Extend's Fruit Pizza Bites are the perfect swap!


These Fruit Pizza Bites have real fruit, no trans fat, way less sugar than typical fruit danishes... and are just as delicious with your coffee.









Made with Chocolate Extend Drizzles, these Bites don't put junky refined flour into your body.

Instead you get the extended-action carbohydrate that makes Extend products the most effective diabetic snack food on the shelf for blood sugar control.



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