Snacking isn't bad if done in moderation and with the right foods.  Make snacking right for you by trading in one of your unhealthy snacks each day for an Extend snack.

All Extend Bars, Shakes, Crisps or Drizzles are diabetic snacks as well as good-for-you snacks that complement any healthy diet.  Packed with protein, loaded with fiber, and topped off with a little heart healthy fat, each perfectly portioned snack provides your body with healthy, lasting energy.

And the bonus is, with 17 sweet and savory flavors to choose from, as well as new recipes each week, Extend offers plenty of variety to keep your guilty pleasures satisfied.

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What, an extra bonus? That's right.

Only Extend can provide 6-9 hours of hunger control.

Controlled hunger means saying goodbye to ravenous cravings and undesirable binge eating.

Get control over your eating, and your life, by snacking with Extend - the only snack food with extended-action carbohydrates that keep you naturally satisfied.

So go ahead - pleasure yourself, without the guilt.

Make deceptively healthy Extend Nutrition one of your everyday snack choices.




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