Myth: Insulin causes weight gain.

Truth: Many people who use insulin tend to gain weight, but not due to the insulin.

It is only a myth that insulin causes weight gain. So why is it that so many people who use insulin also experience weight gain?

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Here is a list of possible reasons why:

Less calories get flushed down the toilet:  Excess glucose in the body spills over into urine, including the calories of that glucose. Once blood glucose levels are under control (effective insulin therapy), there is no excess glucose to spill into urine, allowing calories to stay put.  In people who eat more than their body requires, extra calories are stored as fat. (Source)

SOLUTION:  Eat healthy foods and in the right amounts.  Each Extend product is perfectly portioned and provides the body with balanced nutrition.

Correcting episodes of hypoglycemia:
 It takes glucose to fix an episode of hypoglycemia.  If you struggle with frequent hypoglycemia, or use more glucose than needed for an episode, all the extra glucose puts more calories into your body, which can lead to weight gain. (Source)

SOLUTION: Prevent hypoglycemia.  All 17 Extend Snacks help prevent hypoglycemia for up to 6-9 hours.  

Overeating to avoid hypoglycemia:  People often fear episodes of hypoglycemia, and will eat extra food in an attempt to avoid it.  This obviously puts extra calories into the body, which translates to weight gain. (Source)

SOLUTION:  Don't eat more; eat right.  The Extend formula is clinically proven to help you avoid hypoglycemia, even overnight low blood sugar.

(Source) Medtronic "Insulin has NO calories"

*The information provided above is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. If you have specific needs, please see a professional health care provider.

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