An easy way to plan ahead - salad in a jar!

Get a mason jar. Add dressing to the jar first, then the salad ingredients, then putting in the greens last.

That's it! When you’re ready to eat, empty the jar into a bowl and you're all set! You can pre-make a week’s worth of lunch and the lettuce won't wilt nor will the ingredients be soggy.

salad in a jar_extend crisps

Another great tip, top the salad with Extend Crisps...

Even though croutons have always been a staple for salad-lovers, did you know these crunchy toppers are mainly empty calories and simple carbs that spike blood sugar?

Replace them with crunchy, satisfying Extend Crisps. These low-glycemic snacks have 8g protein and will help you feel fuller, longer.  With flavors like Italian Herb, Zesty Ranch, Cinnamon, White Cheddar and Honey BBQ, there's something for everyone and for all different types of salads.

make ahead salad_italian herb crisps

Here's a real life example from our very own Jasmine: When she poured it into the bowl, it was arranged perfectly and nothing was soggy. Then, instead of finishing off the salad with blood-sugar-spiking croutons, she topped it with crumbled Italian Herb Extend Crisps!

Now that's a smart salad!


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