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1. New Year, New You!

Adopt a new motto or daily mantra that inspires you.

"Today is going to be a good day."

"How bad do I want it?"

"Be the change I hope to see in the world."

2. Shed Pounds

Start with one weight loss goal - the first 5 or 10 pounds.

Don't give up until you get there, reset goals as needed.

3. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Focus on the benefits of an overall healthier lifestyle.

As your body feels better, you do too.

4. Shake Off the Stress

Let the small things go; focus on what matters most to you.

Try not to let other people's stress or overreaction rub off on you.

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5. Build Strength

Instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on building strength and a positive body image.

You can start with body weight exercises, modified push-ups, maybe even a handstand!

6. Save Money

Shop the deals - clip your coupons. (Start by joining our e-newsletter!)

Plan your shopping trips and stick to your list to avoid overspending.

7. Eat Healthier

We aren't even going to debate on what "healthy" means - you know it, now do it!

There are plenty of ways to achieve this goal - it's a matter of willpower.

8. Snack More, Snack Smarter, #SnackHealthy

Choose snacks that are nutritionally balanced, instead of junk food - and you can actually eat more.

Ditch the candy, you actually end up enjoying the healthy stuff - because you feel great!

You can tag your social media posts with the hashtag #SnackHealthy to show off your good choices.

9. Start Now

Whatever you are thinking about doing - go ahead and start doing it! The time is now.

The phrase "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day) dates all the way back to 23 BC.

10. Get Back to the Basics

Simple habits can help the most.

Get a good night's sleep, brush your teeth twice daily, etc.

11. Eat Carbs at the Right Time

Go easy on the simple carbs, and make a resolution to eat complex carbs - using food as fuel.

Simple carbs simply set you up for failure - complex carbs keep you satisfied.

12. Clear the Cupboards of Junk Food

How to deal with temptation? Get it out of the house!

Don't buy sugary sodas or cookies - then, over time, you will crave healthier foods instead.

13. Get Enough Protein

There are so many benefits to increased protein intake - chances are you don't get enough.

The FDA recommends at least 50 grams of protein each day. 

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14. Eat Breakfast

Start your metabolism early, and fuel yourself for the day.

Many studies have shown the benefits of a breakfast including complex carbs and protein.

15. Take a Break and Rest

Sometimes it's okay to ease up on the "go-go-go", 24/7 modern lifestyle - take time to unplug, rest.

Don't be afraid to turn off your cell phone and unwind.

16. Boot One Bad Habit

Don't make grandiose plans, just choose one specific bad habit to leave in the past.

If it is a habit that is detrimental to your health, you will actually feel better once you succeed!

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17. Quit Smoking

If you are still smoking - this is a great bad habit to boot.

There are many tools to help quit smoking gradually - some people succeed "cold turkey" too.

Just 20 minutes after quitting smoking, your heart rate and blood pressure begin to drop.

(Source: American Cancer Society)

18. Make More “You Time”

Many of us find joy in pleasing others - but remember that you must be at your best, to be of help to others.

Take time for yourself - a bubble bath is in order... with a cup of hot tea.

19. Practice Mindful Eating, Food is Fuel

Try to avoid sitting on the couch with snacks, use your food to fuel your activity.

When you are active - eat to support that activity, so you don't suffer from low blood sugar.

20. Track Your Efforts with a Food Journal

If you've never done this one - give it a try. Simply write down what you eat, every single thing that passes your lips.

You can start with a week, and you will gain a greater understanding of your relationship with food.

Typically, people keep a food journal for 30 days.

Holiday Fruit Bites

21. Eat more fruits and vegetables

When we aren't eating Extend Nutrition - we are eating raw fruits and vegetables!

Here's a Holiday Fruit Dip Recipe to enjoy!

22. Keep balance in your life

Don't allow yourself to become overly consumed in only one activity - balance reduces stress.

Family, Work, Free Time, Errands, Chores - stay balanced.

23. Don’t obsess over the scale

If you aren't happy with your weight - one option is to ditch the scale.

Focus on things other than that one number - it does not define you. 

24. Try Yoga

There are many studies that show yoga can be helfpul for just about anybody.

It increases your mobility and peace of mind - and yoga can be modified for individual needs.

25. Try Meditation

In the modern world, we are lucky to be aware of many cultures and traditions.

Eastern philosophies specialize in meditation and it is a practice that is being adopted worldwide.


Enjoy the outdoors and sunshine

26. Enjoy the Outdoors and Sunshine

Ditch the cabin fever - moderate exposre to sunshine helps boost natural vitamin D.

Be careful in the extreme heat or cold, and do wear sunscreen if you will be out for awhile!

27. Eat slowly, until you are full

Simply eating slower can help you to eat the right amount for your activity levels.

When you eat quickly, you eat until you are stuffed - you didn't give your body time to signal it was satisfied.

28. Be kind to yourself

If you are aware of a negative habit, work on removing that from your life. Treat yourself with respect!

The holidays can also be tough on many of us emotionally - do not despair - if you are having trouble, there is always someone that does care - be aware of your loved ones and friends this time of year.

Need someone to talk to? Call a trained counselor on the "Lifeline" anytime at 1-800-273-TALK.

29. Try Something New

Sometimes life can get a little routine or predictable - try something new!

Ever heard of Frisbee Golf? Every tried Gaelic sporting events? Find something and go for it.

30. Value the Health You Do Have

If you are reading this blog - you have reason to be thankful!

Life is a precious thing. Vow to maintain the health you do have, and improve it where you can.

31. Make a Goal that is Specific and Measurable

Quantify your goals, to make them real. It may help to use numbers and set deadlines.

Want to eat healthier? Your goal might be: Eat 2 healthy snacks each day for 3 months in a row.


3 new flavors


We hope that 2016 is a year filled with health and happiness for you and yours.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!

~The Extend Nutrition Team



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