If you or someone you know was recently diagnosed with diabetes, you may be in a state of "now what?". It's hard to know where to begin when a medical professional drops the d-word and suddenly you're asked to make, what feels like, a million lifestyle changes.

diabetes resourcesThere is a ton of helpful information out there, but we thought we'd make it easy and put it in one place.

Listed below are a number of informational blogs about the different types of diabetes, their symptoms and important tips to help you gain more control.

Extend Nutrition Resources: Type Gestational Diabetes Signs, Causes, Symptoms, and Tips

Extend Nutrition Resources: Insulin Resistance. Pre-Diabetes. Causes, Symptoms, and Tips.

Extend Nutrition Resources: Type 1 Diabetes Causes, Symptoms, and Tips.

Extend Nutrition Resources: Type 2 Diabetes Causes, Type 2 Symptoms, and Tips.

Understanding the important role that food plays in the blood sugar balancing act can make all the difference. These blogs provide information on how to select and eat foods (and drinks) that will help with blood sugar stabilization.

Extend Nutrition Resource Pages: Diabetic Friendly Foods

The Three E's for a Diabetic Diet: Easy, Effective, Extend

17 Foods That Help Blood Sugar

Alcohol Safety for People with Diabetes: Top 10 Tips to Drink Alcohol Safely

Learning about diabetes is the first step toward feeling better and more in control. Check back often because we constantly blog about diabetes information, health tips and useful, delicious diabetic-friendly recipes!

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