This fun finger food is like a s'more and ice cream sandwich all in one.

The difference is, by adding the Extend Vanilla Shake, this decadent hybrid is great for people with diabetes!

strawberry sandwich diabetes friendly foods


Graham Crackers
1 Packet Vanilla Extend Shake
Sugar Free Cool Whip
Strawberries, chopped


Stir shake mix into the cool whip, then fold in the strawberries.

Apply a generous scoop of the cool whip mixture onto a graham cracker, then cover with another cracker to make a sandwich.

Freeze to set. Eat and enjoy...OR devour right away if you don't feel like waiting!



chocolate drizzle sandwich diabetes friendly food
To make this recipe perfect for your diabetes food list, replace the graham crackers with low-glycemic Chocolate Dream Extend Drizzles.

Make it a sandwich or enjoy the cool whip mixture as a dip!

Either way, It's a delicious and simple way to make it an even healthier, lower carb snack...

...and one that won't spike your blood sugar!









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