On Saturday, October 12th, 2013, Extend Nutrition supported the Red Striders at the American Diabetes Association’s Step-Out Walk in St. Louis.  

1,163 walkers joined in the effort to raise $132,899.00 to help “Stop Diabetes!” (ADA slogan).

Get the inside scoop below from our gracious volunteers, Sandy & Mary:

Red Striders St. Louis

“The Red Striders are people with diabetes that register for ADA Walks around the country; in this case, either a 1-mile or 3.7 mile walk around Creve Coeur Lake."

"Funds raised on the walk support the American Diabetes Association in their research for a cure, and improve the lives of people currently living with diabetes."

"Many seasoned Type II walkers and Type I kids with their families learned about the long-lasting carbs in Extend Snacks that morning for the first time. They could sample bars and drizzles, take free bars for the walk, and sign up to win $150 in Extend products." -Sandy H.

“I attended the St.  Louis ADA Step Out Walk.  It was spectacular."

"Extend Nutrition was featured in the Red Strider Tent. I was blessed with being able to talk to many people who are Diabetics."

"Their stories were not only moving but inspiring as the struggle thru their daily lives trying to control their hunger along with blood sugar spikes."

"I feel that I was able to help improve their daily struggles by educating them about Extend Nutrition’s products and share some of my own struggles with blood sugar control and how Extend Nutrition has made a big difference in my life!"

"I can’t wait to do it again next year.” -Mary G.