Busy Bees

We redesigned our website to streamline and improve the customer experience; check out this video walkthrough to get the most out of the site's new features.



Keeping The Customer At Heart

Our new website was designed to make the consumer experience more convenient and enjoyable. Take a quick look at this video walkthrough to get a sense of some of the features that our new site has to offer, which will be explained in greater detail in the paragraphs below the video.



Throughout the process of publishing our new website, we centered our focus on responsiveness, intuitiveness and convenience.

A few of the key features of the site are:

  • PROMOTIONS - Promotions are going to be a big part of the new Extend Nutrition site. The website platform that we're using to support the site allows us to run frequent promotions and to offer unique coupon codes redeemable for discounts on products on the site. We will host regular sales and specials on the site and through our various social media outlets, so be sure to check our home page, our Facebook, or our Twitter to keep up with promotions we're running.


  • FLEXIBILITY - From the way you display items in the storefront to the means by which you sort them, we hope that shopping on our site is a natural and simple experience. Categorize products. adjust quantities, update your cart and check out with ease. You even have the option of enrolling in our convenient E-Star Auto-Ship service, which automatically delivers Extend Nutrition products to your door based on how frequently you'd like to receive them. E-Star members always receive a 15% discount on product and free shipping on orders over $42, so it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

  • INTERACTIVITY - By sharing our products with your Facebook friends by clicking the 'Like' buttons that appear on all of the product pages in the Shop Now section and by leaving reviews on products, there are several great ways to interact with our brand and to provide your feedback. We love to hear the thoughts of our customers and every last bit of feedback is taken to heart, so we can't wait to see what everyone has to say about our products and our site since the change.