Myth: Skip meals, lose weight!

Truth: Skipping meals might actually do just the opposite!



There are [at least] 3 very good reasons to NOT skip a meal:

1. Since food is fuel for our bodies, you'll start to feel ravenous if you skip a meal. Then when you do finally eat, you're more likely to overeat which can cause you to gain weight.

2. Your body may go into "starvation mode" which lowers your metabolic rate and encourages the body to produce and store fat - this can also cause you to gain weight.

3. Skipping a meal can cause your blood sugar levels to swing unpredictably (lows trigger hunger!). It's better to stabilize your blood sugar and keep it within a healthy range. Blood sugar fuels your brain.

skipping meals to lose weight

What if you do have to miss a meal?

We recommend eating a nutritional snack that contains around 15-20g of complex carbohydrate along with nutrients like protein, fiber, and healthy fat.

Extend Nutrition can fill this gap beautifully!

With our new Extend Anytime Bars, they can be stored anywhere for a quick grab. Store them in your purse, office drawer, or glove compartment. Perfect for when you are running late and need a quick pick me up. 

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