It may be fair to say that pumpkin pie is synonymous with Fall (although I'd be lying if I haven't been dreaming about pumpkin pie since Spring). The pumpkin patches are open and grocery stores are teeming with all things pumpkin and spice and everything nice.

Since you don't always have time to bake homemade pumpkin pies, the frozen aisles at the grocery store make it pretty darn tempting to just grab one and go.

But, think twice before you slice.

We compared the nutritional value of a commonly storebought, pre-made frozen pie to our popular recipe for Mini No-Bake Pumpkin Pie.

Check out this piece of info:

pumpkin pie nutritional comparison

So those storebought pumpkin pies may have us on the protein (by 1g), but Extend Nutrition wins by a landslide on everything else.

this not that_pumpkin pies
A single slice of storebought pie (1/8 of an entire pie) has over 3 times the calories, 5 times the total fat, nearly triple the carbs, and almost 8 times the sugar as one whole Mini No-Bake Pumpkin Pie!

But our no-bake pumpkin pie is just one, where a whole pie feeds 8 - right?

Well, from start to finish, 8 of our no-bake pies can be prepared and ready to eat in less than 10 minutes.

You can't beat that for healthy AND convenient!




(Compared to Sara Lee® Oven Fresh Pumpkin Pie. Nutritional info taken from manufacturer's website on 10/10/2013. All copyrights and trademarks belong to the manufacturer.)

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