Healthy Eats

Laying off the sweet stuff isn't easy to do over the holidays. We've got some alternatives that can help you lessen the impact on your waistline without giving up the sweet flavors of the season.




Ghoulish Goodies


Who couldn't love Halloween? Each year, it's a zany mix of costumes, fun and games that has appeal for all ages. Unfortunately, all that fun comes with a heaping side of gluttony for most of us. Whether your Halloween party takes place in your third-grade classroom or the office break room, the following debate will apply:




Sprinkles vs. Sensibility


Okay, we all know that Extend Bars have all sorts of nutritional benefits.  With 5g of fiber, 12g of protein, only 1g of net carbohydrates and the unique ability to help control blood sugar for up to nine hours, the Extend Bar is obviously the healthier choice of the two.  The cupcake, however, has SPRINKLES!!!  (nomnomnom)

It's tough to compete with a cupcake once the mid-day munchies make themselves heard in the pit of your stomach, especially when those delicious demons are available in abundance on Halloween (and the month following).  Before you indulge, however, take a minute to evaluate some other tasty and festive options.

The Clemson Cooperative Extension has put together a list just in time for tonight's festivities that should help to introduce some level of moderation through the holiday.  The guide helpfully suggests alternatives to fat- and sugar-laden Halloween treats and also provides some ideas for how to manage the influx of sugar in the weeks following the holiday.

It's okay to indulge a little bit today, but it's important not to get carried away with all of the fun.  As much as we'd all love to snarf up cookies and candy all day, sticking to three balanced meals and some leafy greens (with a cupcake somewhere in between) will let you wake up with a clear conscience tomorrow morning.



Fatten Your Conscience, Not Your Midsection


A popular option for parents trying to avoid allowing their children to binge on candy for three months is to find a place to donate it.  All sorts of programs exist that distribute candy to the sick, the less fortunate, or even soldiers overseas.

By giving away your extra sweets, you and your kids can both feel good and look good for the choices you've made this Halloween.