Busy Bees

If eating properly at work has become a rarity for you, it's vital to your health to remember that what you eat at work affects your body just as much as what you eat at home.  If chips, soda and fast food are your daily desk fare, let's look at ways to reevaluate!



A Life Within A Life

I've heard a lot about the perception of work being a sort of 'life within a life', as though work and personal life don't overlap.  A common side effect is that people can shift into 'work mode' with their diet, forgoing proper nutrition in favor of time savings and efficiency.

I caught myself becoming one of those people.  I quickly developed the habit of getting caught up in a task and seeing stopping for a proper meal as an afterthought.  For my lunch break yesterday, I drove to a local Trader Joe's grocery store to shatter that habit.

Only $27 later, I had healthy, energizing and tasty snacks to get me through the next week.  We're launching our new website soon, so I bought all sorts of quick snack items that won't cut into my productivity yet won't pack on the pounds.

In case you can't quite see, I bought a container of Greek Yogurt, 2 bags of wasabi almonds, a bag of roasted pumpkin seeds, a half gallon of milk, a bag of frozen blueberries, and a bag of navel oranges.

I was careful to buy foods with a positive nutritional impact and to ensure that the snacks I would be eating would provide a balance of nutrients, protein and fiber.

It's been a few days since I made this particular grocery run and I'm very pleased with how much better I feel.  With our new website in the works, it's been nice to be able to snack very quickly without skipping a beat in productivity, all while making healthy eating choices.