Eat Extend Crisps with your lunch instead of regular potato chips.

It’s no secret that potato chips fall under the “junk food” category, so why are you eating them with your lunch?

Extend Crisps come in 5 savory flavors (White Cheddar, Zesty Ranch, Cinnamon, Italian Herb, and Honey BBQ) and pack the same nutritious profile as our other snacks. They're the perfect alternative to a bag of chips or other high fat snack.

Crisps have 4 times the protein, 3 times the fiber and less than half the fat compared to chips!

chips are junk food


Bag of Chips:

28g serving

160 Cals

10g Fat

15g Carb with 1g Fiber (12 net)

2g Protein


Bag of Extend Crisps:

32g serving

120 Cals

4g Fat

16g Carb with 3g Fiber (8 net)

8g Protein