We hear an awful lot about bad habits that lead to weight gain - "shouldn't do this" and "shouldn't do that"... but what about the good ones?

Yes, there is no shortage of good habits out there, and here we point out 3 very good habits of healthy eaters.

HABIT #1 - Don't let yourself get hungry

One of the most common mistakes people make while dieting is allowing the body to get hungry. This can happen intentionally (fasting) or accidentally (not making time to eat).

The problem here is when the body doesn't get adequate food, it results in low blood sugars. This often leads to confusion, irritability, and extreme hunger (among other unpleasant side effects) and typically is solved by consuming an overabundance of calories to compensate.

Eat small meals regularly throughout the day to prevent this weight loss disaster from happening.

Extend Shakes are the perfect small meal replacement. Each delicious 8 oz. shake is fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, giving your body the nutrition it needs.

HABIT #2 - Keep emergency snacks with you at all times

It's not uncommon to be away from home and to find yourself hungry and without a safe food source. A healthy eater never leaves home without an emergency snack in tow.

convenient portable snacks

Keep an Extend Snack with you all the time - portable and convenient - it can go wherever you go.

HABIT #3 - Make that snack high in protein & fiber

It's no secret that protein and fiber help keep you full longer.

Choose the snack that's got the macronutrients that help keep you naturally satisfied.

Each Extend product is packed in protein and loaded with fiber.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the nutrition label:

Each Extend Nutrition snack has 6-15g of protein and 3-6g fiber per serving.

Extend Nutrition is the perfectly balanced snack to keep your healthy eating habits healthy.



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