Hunger can creep up on you when you least expect it. Here are 3 easy ways to fight off unwanted hunger pangs:

1. Eat breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but is often the easiest one to mess up. Eating the wrong thing (or worse, not eating at all) can throw off your whole day. Eat a breakfast that offers plenty of protein and fiber – both which help keep you full, longer.

2. Eat low-glycemic snacks: Many snacks are loaded with refined flours and sugars that trick you into thinking you're full, but after the initial blood sugar spike, you crash and crave more food. Go for a low-glycemic snack that won't spike blood sugar and will give your body some complex carbs to keep you feeling satisfied.

3. Eat snacks that are mini-meals: What you eat between meals matters. If your plate should be nutritionally balanced, shouldn't your snacks be smaller versions of the same? Choose healthy snacks that fuel your body properly so you don't find yourself mindlessly grazing.

hunger control_breakfast_snacks

Breakfast: Extend Shakes make perfect breakfast replacements. Packed with protein, loaded with fiber, and fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals… They're the perfect (and easy) way to kick-start your day.

Low-glycemic: All Extend Nutrition products are low-glycemic. The unique formula contains no or low sugar, and uses raw, uncooked cornstarch that provides extended glucose control for up to 9 hours.

Mini-meals: Each Extend Snack is perfectly portioned with the right amount of complex carb, protein and fiber. Enjoy them any time of day for a nutritionally-balanced, guilt-free snack.



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