In the early 1900's milkshakes were known as "wholesome drinks made with chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrups"...

Do these vanilla shakes look very wholesome to you?

vanilla shakes_nutrition

Well actually, yes, there is a wholesome shake in the mix! But all the others, not so much. I don't even need words to express how very un-wholesome they are... the numbers alone are staggering.

Don't get fooled by pretty pictures and fancy names - it's all sugar in disguise. Let wholesome Extend Nutrition satisfy your sweet tooth - healthy, delicious, and without the blood sugar spike.

vanilla shakes_sugar

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(Compared to manufacturers' vanilla shakes, small sizes. Nutritional info taken from each manufacturer's website on 11/14/2013. All copyrights and trademarks belong to the manufacturers.)

*Extend Shakes contain 12g total carbs, where 5g comes from fiber, and 5g is the raw, uncooked cornstarch (key ingredient in our unique formula). There are 2g net carbs.