It's chili season! Bowls across the country are filled with delicious variations of this classic one pot meal. Which leads us to an important question... what chili toppers to use?

Don't ruin a perfectly good bowl of chili with crunchy toppings that supply a heavy dose of empty carbs. Take a look at some common chili toppers and how they compare to our White Cheddar Extend Crisps.

chili toppers_comparison

White Cheddar Extend Crisps have less calories, sodium, and carbs, and more protein than the the extended-action carbohydrate for long-lasting glucose control.

Want to eat the whole bag? You can!

Crumble up the Crisps and add the whole bag to your bowl.

They're a crunchy, savory chili topper that adds a kick to your chili, not your blood sugar!









*There are 8g net carbs in White Cheddar Extend Crisps. The top-line carbs of 16g includes 3g fiber and 5g raw, uncooked cornstarch, both of which do not count towards net carbs.

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