mr divabeticWe're proud to have Max "Mr. Divabetic" Szadek as a contributing blogger in a new quarterly blog, "What's up with the Diva?".

Divabetic is a national non-profit organization that provides information, empowerment and encouragement for women touched by diabetes. Divabetic promotes prevention, early action and education through innovative programs, one-of-a-kind outreach and a 'glam more, fear less' attitude.

So, what's up with the Diva? Here's what Mr. Divabetic has to say about the truth behind fruit juices...



You might not realize how much sugar you’re consuming when you drink fruit juice. And even if you do, you might be under the impression that the sugar in fruit juice is healthier than the sugar found in soft drinks and/or candy.

Although fruit juice might contain a few more vitamins than soft drinks or candy, the truth is fruit juice is loaded with the same unhealthy sugar and carbohydrates.

Did you know that some fruit juices, like Cranberry Juice Cocktail, contain more sugar than found in candy bars?!

mr divabetic_serve taste trashI was so shocked to learn that both Apple & Eve Cranberry Juice Cocktail and Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail contain more sugar than a 2-piece King-Size Nestle Butterfinger that I actually filmed a Serve, Taste or Trash! Game video about it!

I shot my video against the backdrop of the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island to raise awareness for diabetes in a fun, new way. In the video, I gave people three choices:

A. King-Size Nestle Butterfinger candy bar
B. 2-pack Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts
C. 12 fl oz bottle Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail

I asked them to guess which item contained the most amount of sugar. As I suspected most of the people guessed either the Pop Tarts or the Butterfinger. But the right answer is: the Cranberry Cocktail, which contains 51 grams!

The Butterfinger candy bar contains 48 grams and the Pop Tarts contain 24 grams - less than half of the sugar found in the fruit juice!

Keep in mind, even if the fruit juice cocktail doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, like Apple & Eve, chances are it’s still loaded with plenty of sugar.

If you ever find yourself craving a sweet drink, try eating a piece of whole fruit, like an orange or an apple, with a glass of water. You’ll not only quench your thirst, but you’ll also get the sweetness of the fruit along with its natural fiber and vitamins.



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