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The more weight loss articles you read online or in magazines, the more difficult it can become to keep it all straight. Making and living by a self-imposed diet can be very tough as a beginner.

If you're struggling with sticking to a diet, there's one thing that you should know...


Weight Loss Myths Are Rampant

Every nutrition blogger wants to be on the cutting edge of the next big diet. We've all seen numerous blog posts about the next big superfood or diet trend, but it's important to think twice before making radical changes to your diet.

Sustainability is the most important part of a healthy diet.


Why Programs Work

If followed correctly, many weight loss programs do help people to lose weight, but that's not because of fat, carbohydrates, protein, or one thing necessarily.

The thing that makes many of these programs work is the fact that they promote discretion.

By that I mean that people on these programs have to think about what they eat and consider whether or not it fits into their goals.

Thinking twice about adding junk food to your cart can be the key to success


Thinking Twice Is Nice

Low-carb diets have helped many people lose weight. Vegetarianism has helped many people lose weight. Jared Fogle lost weight eating Subway sandwiches.

The common factor in each of these situations is that the people that enjoyed success on these ate things that fit into their dietary needs. They ate with discretion, something all too rare nowadays.


Healthy Salad With Bacon


Make A Self-Made Diet The Right Way

A diet that has recently surged into popularity is the Paleo diet, in which people eat only foods that were available to our neolithic ancestors. Fish, meat, seeds and vegetables are among the diet's staples while processed grains are strictly out of the question.

The Paleo Diet focuses on meat and naturally available foods

The ketogenic diet is another low-carb alternative diet in which carbohydrate intake is kept to a bare minimum so as to avoid spikes in blood sugar and promote a constant fat-burning state. Simple carbohydrates and sweets are almost entirely eliminated.

The Weight Watchers diet follows a points system that allots points to different types of foods. People on the plan eat to stay within a goal point total for the day.

There are too many other diets to list in one blog post, but pattern is already clear. People have lost weight on these diets and in each situation have succeeded in doing so because they made the commitment to be selective about what they eat.

Be picky, it's okay! Having discretion over what you're putting in your mouth is the key to success, no matter what diet you're on.