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Sub Your Snack!


Low in net carbs and high in fiber, Extend Nutrition Crisps are a sensible switch for any snack.  Unlike typical chips or crackers, our Crisps won’t spike your blood sugar and are clinically proven to help control your hunger.





Extend Nutrition Crisps are bold snacks that help control blood sugar and have only between 0g and 3g of sugar!

  White Cheddar Crisps
  Italian Herb Crisps

White Cheddar

Take a bite of a cheesy, crunchy crisp with the bold flavor of white cheddar.



Italian Herb

Spice things up with the unique flavors of a variety of Italian herbs and spices.





  Cinnamon Crisps
  Zesty Ranch Crisps


Snack on a delightful crisp sprinkled with the simple sweetness of cinnamon.



Zesty Ranch

Enjoy the familiar flavor of ranch dressing complimented by a zesty kick.





  Honey Barbecue BBQ Crisps

Honey Barbecue

Savor the depth of barbeque sauce combined with the lightness of sweet honey.