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Extend Nutrition Helps Control Blood Sugar for up to 9 Hours






Low Glycemic Index • Gluten Free* • High Protein • Low Fat

Take Charge of Your Blood Sugar!

Extend Nutrition Bars, Shakes, Chips and Cookies are tasty, convenient snacks ideal for blood sugar management. Our unique low glycemic index, complex carbohydrate formula is clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours and reduce hypoglycemia at night by up to 75% so that you can prevent lows day or night.


*All of our products are made with Gluten Free Ingredients.




Reduce Nighttime Hypoglycemia up to 75%. Reduce Morning Hyperglycemia by 28%. Reduce Calorie Consumption by 21%

• Avoid Swings

• Control Hunger

• Sustain Energy

• Improve Health

Invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, MD

Invented by
Dr. Francine Kaufman, MD

Former President of the

American Diabetes Association


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 Invented by a world renowned endocrinologist and former President of the American Diabetes Association, our products have a long history of clinical support. The benefits of our Bars, Chips, Shakes and Cookies are backed by 6 clinical studies and are protected by 17 worldwide other snack can compare!





"I have been struggling with hypoglycemia at night, leaving me fatigued and sleep deprived for years. I ate an Extend Bar before bed and for the first time I slept through the night! "

Renee Field, Scottsville, VA