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Benefits & Advantages

Extend Nutrition products are packed with clinically proven benefits that anybody can benefit from.


Helps Control Blood Sugar for Up To 9 Hours   Reduce Calorie Consumption At The Next Meal


Stabilize Blood Sugar




Reduce Calorie Consumption


Extend Nutrition products can help control your blood sugar for up to 9 hours; no other product on the market can compare.   Our products are perfect for curbing your hunger; they are clinically proven to reduce the calories consumed at your next meal by 21%.



Reduce Hypoglycemia At Night   Reduce Morning Hyperglycemia


Reduce Hypoglycemia At Night




Reduce Morning Hyperglycemia


The slow-burning carbs in our products help reduce hypoglycemia at night by 75%, so you can sleep without the fear of late night lows.   If you frequently wake up with symptoms of high blood sugar, our products work to reduce morning hyperglycemia by 28%.



Other Exciting Benefits


Reduced Fat Storage




Long-Lasting Energy


Our low-glycemic carbs are used efficiently by the body and very few net carbs are left over to be stored by the body as fat.   Our products metabolize gradually, giving you long-lasting, stable, crash-free energy to use to tackle the challenges of the day.



High Protein and Fiber




Quick and Convenient


Extend Nutrition products are low-glycemic and high in protein and fiber; they're healthy, satisfying and guilt-free snack choices   Our products were designed with your lifestyle in mind and are easy to enjoy.  Next time you’re on the go, snack with Extend Nutrition.



Low Sugar




Great-Tasting Variety


Extend Nutrition snacks are low in sugar and are even available in several sugar-free varieties. Avoid wild blood sugar swings with a low-sugar snack.   Our Bars, Crisps, Shakes and Drizzles come in a variety of great flavors so that you have more fun with your snacking routine.