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Who It Helps

Our Bars, Shakes, Crisps and Drizzles are simple nutritional solutions that help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.  The benefits of stable blood sugar apply to any lifestyle; read through the list below to see how Extend Nutrition products can help you.

Couple With Diabetes         

If you're managing diabetes...

  • Reduce blood sugar swings
  • Prevent hypoglycemia at night
  • Prevent hyperglycemia in the morning
  • Bridge gaps between meals
  • Avoid spike-crash-crave cycle

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Weight Loss Woman  

If you're watching your weight...

  • Reduce calorie intake at your next meal
  • Reduce insulin-induced fat storage
  • Complement most diet plans
  • Control hunger
  • Control portion size

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Fitness Guru  

If you're big on fitness...

  • Prevent exercise-induced hypoglycemia
  • Fuel yourself with protein and low-glycemic carbs
  • Sustain energy through long workouts
  • Enhance recovery from strenuous exercise
  • Keep portable, healthy snack in your gym bag

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Busy Bee  

If you're always on the go...

  • Avoid low blood sugar between meals
  • Enjoy a satisfying, healthy meal replacement
  • Sustain energy to get through the day
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Pack a convenient, portable snack

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Healthy Lifestyle

If you're all about your health...

  • Reduce your risk of diabetes
  • Enjoy a heart-healthy snack
  • Live gluten-free
  • Enjoy a balance of protein and fiber
  • Try our all-natural options

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Kids and Teens  

If you're looking for something kid-friendly...

  • Prevent Hypoglycemia at night
  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Maintain focus and concentration
  • Eat a quick, wholesome snack between activities
  • Enjoy our variety of great flavors

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Health Care Professionals  

If you're a health care professional...

  • Help your patients manage diabetes
  • Assist patients with weight loss goals
  • Trust a doctor-developed, clinically proven product
  • Enjoy outstanding professional support
  • Recommend a simple, affordable, accessible solution

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