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People with Diabetes

People with Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 26 million Americans suffer from diabetes. Developed for people with Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes, and those suffering from hypoglycemia, Extend Nutrition's slow-release carbohydrate formula can help keep your diabetes under control.

Reduce Blood Sugar Swings

Our Bars, Shakes, Crisps and Drizzles metabolize slowly and convert to glucose for up to 9 hours, helping you maintain stable blood sugar without dramatic highs and lows.


Reduce Hypoglycemia At Night by 75%

To avoid waking up in a hypoglycemic daze at night or feeling disoriented after exercise, our slow release carbs work for up to 9 hours to reduce hypoglycemia by up to 75%.


Reduce Hyperglycemia In The Morning by 28%

The slow-release carbs in Extend Nutrition products deliver stable energy that can reduce morning hyperglycemia by an average of 28%. Wake up ready to conquer the day ahead!


Comfortably Bridge Between Meals

Long breaks between meals can be dangerous for people with diabetes. The slow-release carbs in our products will help keep you stable and satisfied until your next meal.


Avoid Spike-Crash-Crave Cycle

Our low-glycemic products won't cause a sudden spike in blood sugar or a subsequent insulin response, so you can snack without quickly feeling fatigued or hungry later.

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"I started using the Extend bars and I literally feel alive again. I can't believe how easy it is to manage my blood sugar levels with Extend snacks...My oh my, what a gift.!" 
Suzan Ross,
Crystal Lake, IL

"It's amazing! It really stabilizes my blood sugar. I no longer get the highs or the lows I used to get. And it's very tasty too!"
Nancy Dalton,

"Extend snacks are miracles! They are the ONLY snacks that have helped me battle early morning highs. they are great and they work as promised. Extend snacks are true blessings!!"
Darcie Sims,
Puyallop WA

"Extend bars for me!They are God sent as they have indeed helped me maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout the day and they've helped with my diet. I no longer have cravings for sugary chocolate. My most recent A1C test proved I'm beating the odds. I'm a believer!"
Lois Jackson 

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