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Weight Conscious

Weight Conscious

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33.8% of American adults are obese and 68% of American adults qualify as overweight. Extend Nutrition products are simple nutritional solutions that can help you meet your dietary needs while restraining your hunger.

Reduce Calorie Intake At Your Next Meal By 21%

The slow-release carbohydrate formula in our products is clinically proven to help you reduce the calories you consume at your next meal by an average of 21% when enjoyed as a snack between meals.


Reduce Insulin-Induced Fat Storage

Because our products don't spike blood sugar, the body doesn't require insulin to store blood glucose as fat, meaning that you can snack and avoid the fat storage response.


Complement Your Diet

Our low-glycemic, low-carb, gluten-free snacks fit in perfectly with a wide variety of diets. No matter what plan you're on, you can snack guilt-free and enjoy a treat that will actually help you reach your weight loss goals.


Control Hunger

When you go too long between meals or when your blood sugar dips too low, powerful cravings can quickly lead to unhealthy snack choices. Our products help to fend off cravings by helping to avoid blood sugar lows.


Control Portion Size

Our products come pre-packaged in precise portions that will help satisfy your hunger while practicing moderation in your caloric intake.

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"I'm a "snacker", after many years of unhealthy snacking, gaining weight and unsatisfying foods, I needed to change this habit. Extend bar has done this for me! Before my first box was half gone, I could feel the impact of satisfaction and control. I love the variety of flavors. I can't be without them!"
Dorothy Bierbower
Cave Junction, OR

"Extend bars are great! I'm a type 2 diabetic and have been fighting the sugar battle since 2005. I have lost weight (from 235 to 189 lbs), my morning blood sugar is lower and stays all day! Thanks Extend Nutrition!"
Stephen Brown
Magnolia, TX

"Thank you! I have tried almost every protein, low carb bar that is safe for diabetics to eat but none have helped my appetite like Extend bar. They've helped me not to munch all day...I felt great and I wasn't hungry."

Cathy Antone
Paoli, IN

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